Explore the Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune {2024} for Optimal Care

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Discover the ultimate guide to optimal care—Explore the Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune for a seamless healthcare experience.


Star Health Insurance is a shining example of all-inclusive coverage among a sea of options in the world of healthcare. This article talks about the importance of understanding the Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune, highlighting the importance of healthcare accessibility in this vibrant city.

Best Understanding Star Health Insurance Coverage

Overview of coverage options

The client can choose from a wide range of insurance plans provided by Star Health Insurance, allowing for a personalized approach to the provision of medical services. The spectrum covers from simple plans to full-fledged packages and therefore, it has a large target audience.

Advantages of selecting Star Health Insurance

By selecting Star Health Insurance, one is assured to enjoy a wide range of benefits such as financial stability, extensive hospital networks, and quick claim settlement. It is not only insurance but a guard for your health.

Customized plans for various healthcare needs

Understanding the specificity of the healthcare needs, Star Health Insurance offers tailored plans, taking into account different needs and preferences. Personalization guarantees that policyholders receive precisely what they require.

Star Health Insurance Hospital Network

Extensive coverage in Pune

The hospital network of Star Health Insurance covers the whole of Pune making it convenient for policyholders to get medical facilities from any part of the city. This section describes the wide scope which acts as a safety net for health emergencies.

Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Mapping the spread in all areas.

The fine-grained map shows the network hospitals of Star Health Insurance strategically placed in different neighborhoods, thus demonstrating accessibility. The focus is on guaranteeing that health care is never too remote.

Ensuring accessibility for policyholders

Above all accessibility is vital and Star Health Insurance ensures that the policyholders have easy access to the network hospital within the shortest possible time. The part discusses the steps taken to provide timely medical care.

Critical Aspects of Star Health Insurance Hospitals

Quality of medical services

The hospitals which are associated with Star Health Insurance boast of providing the best medical services. This segment looks at the high standards that are maintained, which guarantees the best care for the policyholders.

Specialized departments and facilities

Going into detail, we discover the specialized departments and units in Star Health Insurance hospitals. This guarantees that all different medical needs are served with skill and accuracy.

Cutting-edge technology and equipment

As the technological world of healthcare keeps changing, Star Health Insurance hospitals seem to be one step ahead by using advanced equipment. The article is illuminating regarding how technological advancements lead to better healthcare.

Selecting the Right Hospital in Pune

The considerations to be made when choosing a health care unit.

Choosing the best healthcare facility requires some deliberation. This part serves as a guide on things to consider, and your decision should fit perfectly with your health needs.

The way Star Health Insurance hospitals meet particular needs

Find out how Star Health Insurance hospitals are not ordinary they customize their services to the peculiar healthcare needs of people. It’s not just a general hospital; it’s an individualized healthcare system.

The provision of compliance with individual health needs

Informed decision-making on healthcare entails matching your personal health needs with the hospital’s services. This section directs readers to the essential points to remember.

The Star Health Insurance Hospital List can be navigated as follows.

Accessing the list online

In the digital era, availability is literally within our reach. In this case, we examine the availability of the Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune on the Internet, which makes the process of finding the hospital straightforward for the policyholders.

User-friendly interface for user convenience.

The hospital list shouldn’t be difficult to navigate. Star Health Insurance provides an easy-to-navigate interface, making it easier to find the right healthcare facility just by clicking.

Search options for specific requirements

Going into detail, this section unpacks the search options that are accessible to users. Whether you are looking for a specialty hospital or a hospital in a particular location, the Star Health Insurance Hospital List meets various needs.

star health insurance hospital list talegaon dabhade

Star Health Insurance is a shining light in the bustling healthcare environment of Talegaon Dabhade that offers all-around coverage. Located between the industrial center of Chakan and the tranquil expanses of Manchar, Star Health Insurance has a wide reach, making sure that people in Talegaon Dabhade and its surrounding areas have access to quality healthcare.

Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

The hospital network of Star Health Insurance is designed to address a wide range of medical requirements. The geographical diversity that is covered ranges from the industrial corridors of Chakan to the serene outskirts of Manchar. From the bustling Panvel to the urban medical standards of Lilavati, Star Health Insurance offers a network that focuses on your health.

Star Health Insurance offers a detailed list of affiliated hospitals in Pune, which is accessible in the PDF format for those interested in more specific information. This resource reveals a variety of health care services that residents of Talegaon Dabhade can use to make appropriate decisions regarding their medical services.

In the changing story of healthcare in Talegaon Dabhade, Star Health Insurance is like a protector, creating a fabric of medical safety and accessibility for its citizens.

star health insurance hospital list chakan

Star Health Insurance presents a health canvas in the dynamic setting of Chakan, where the threads of a complete coverage and accessibility are woven. Chakan, which brings industrial strength, finds comfort in the wide range of hospitals that are attached to Star Health Insurance. These medical sanctuaries do not only serve the immediate needs of Chakan but also spread their healing touch to other neighboring areas such as Talegaon Dabhade and beyond.

The process of finding the right hospital from the Star Health Insurance hospital list for Chakan is like setting out on a path to good health. The list of medical facilities includes specialties that meet the needs of the modern industrial environment, which is characterized by constant changes. The hospitals listed in Chakan represent the dedication of Star Health Insurance to provide the best healthcare experience, ranging from state-of-the-art facilities to specialized departments.

For those who are interested in a more detailed investigation, a full list of the hospitals affiliated to Pune is provided in a downloadable PDF. This resource provides a detailed map of healthcare options that residents can use as a guide through the medical terrain of Chakan and the surrounding areas. In the symphony that is the healthcare system, Star Health Insurance plays a beautiful tune that echoes the health of the hardworking people in Chakan.

star health insurance hospital list in manchar

Star Health Insurance paints the canvas of healthcare security in the rustic comfort of Manchar, where the myriad of hospital choices echo the vibrancy of this sleepy town. Amid the tranquil settings, the network of the Star Health Insurance hospitals in Manchar emerges, providing a comprehensive range of medical services to the local community.

Manchar, which is often a hidden gem in the healthcare story, sees the intersection of the latest medical services. Star Health Insurance, a galaxy of affiliated hospitals, brings state-of-the-art facilities to this quiet nook. The availability of healthcare options created by Star Health Insurance is a source of comfort to the residents of Manchar and other areas, such as Talegaon Dabhade.

The hospital list, a priceless collection, serves as a guide for those in need of medical advice. At the center of Manchar, Star Health Insurance guarantees that the community has a list of hospitals that provides services to a variety of health needs. For curious minds seeking a deeper understanding of the matter, the detailed PDF list of the affiliated hospitals in Pune serves as a guide to the healthcare system in Manchar.

Star Health Insurance in Manchar is a tune that blends accessibility with quality in the symphony of healthcare provision, highlighting the dedication to health in this peaceful environment.

star health insurance hospital list in panvel

In the urban fabric of Panvel, Star Health Insurance stands as a protector of health, its associated hospitals becoming a galaxy of healthcare perfection. The city of Panvel is a buzzing metropolis that sees the amalgamation of futuristic medical services under the umbrella of Star Health Insurance, not only serving its dynamic population but also its surrounding areas including Talegaon Dabhade.

The Star Health Insurance hospital list for Panvel is a reflection of the dedication to high quality health care. With the city growing, so does the demand for modern and convenient medical centers. Star Health Insurance provides Panvel citizens with a wide range of healthcare options, including specialized departments and advanced technology.

For the curious, the full list of hospitals associated with Pune is provided in a PDF format for download, allowing the reader to navigate the medical terrain of Panvel with a fine-tooth comb. This resource is not simply a list; it is a guide for people looking for medical attention in line with their health.

Amidst the vibrant rhythm of Panvel, Star Health Insurance conducts a musical concert of medical choices, covering the city and surrounding areas with a blanket of comprehensive and convenient healthcare.

star health insurance covered surgery list

When you undertake a surgical trip with Star Health Insurance, the world of careful attention and complete coverage is opened before you. This top insurance company creates a high-end covered surgery list that goes beyond the ordinary, including modern medical procedures and specialties.

Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

The wide range of benefits includes various surgeries, from complex orthopedic interventions to advanced neurological procedures, which cover a wide range of benefits for the policyholders. In this realm, the people of places such as Talegaon Dabhade, Chakan, Manchar, and the bustle of Panvel find comfort in the fact that Star Health Insurance addresses their surgical needs.

The covered surgery list is a symbol of confidence, which describes various medical procedures available under Star Health Insurance. It is not just a list, but a symbol of the dedication to comprehensive healthcare. The inclusion of Lilavati and other affiliated hospitals in this surgical symphony is done with such precision that it shows how much planning has gone into providing policyholders with a complete and modern healthcare experience.

For those who are interested in details, the covered surgery list can be investigated in Pune, which is readily available in the form of a downloadable PDF file. This resource becomes a beacon for the people in the surgical terrain, making sure that they are clear and confident about their healthcare journey.

lilavati hospital star health insurance

Lilavati Hospital is a bright spot in the dynamic environment of healthcare quality, being part of the Star Health Insurance network of hospitals. This medical sophistication is not just a hospital, but a haven of sophisticated healthcare solutions that address different medical needs.

Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Located in the center of Mumbai, Lilavati Hospital is a part of the Star Health Insurance, offering a safe haven for people who need the best medical services. The Lilavati Hospital, which stands as a beacon of medical excellence, is accessible to residents in the busy urban tapestry of Panvel and the serene locations of Talegaon Dabhade.

The strategic move to incorporate Lilavati in the Star Health Insurance network is a reflection of the commitment to holistic health care. It is not just an association but a careful selection to ensure policyholders have access to the latest technologies and a wide variety of medical specialties.

The detailed list of affiliated hospitals in Pune, which is presented in a downloadable PDF format, becomes a useful map for those who are trying to navigate the healthcare landscape. Lilavati Hospital, which is a part of this resource, stands for excellence and acts as a guiding light for policyholders on their path to complete health.

list of hospitals in pune pdf

It becomes easy to navigate the diverse healthcare environment of Pune with the help of the list of hospitals in Pune PDF that is offered by Star Health Insurance. This carefully crafted document is not just a collection it is a map for those who want to find a variety of medical services in Pune and nearby areas.

The PDF covers both the industrial vigor of Chakan and the serene locales of Manchar, which are a range of medical options that are accessible to the residents in Talegaon Dabhade and beyond. It is a pathway to some of the world’s best medical facilities, including the famous Lilavati Hospital, which is a part of the Star Health Insurance network.

The PDF navigation provides a bird’s eye view of the options in healthcare, and people can explore specialties, facilities, and locations. It is not just a list; it is a complete guide to ensure that people who are looking for the best health solutions in Pune make the best decisions.

This resource is not only targets the urban pulse of Panvel but also covers every corner of the city, providing for the varied medical requirements of the people of Pune. The PDF becomes a loyal friend, symbolizing the efforts of Star Health Insurance to create a healthier and well-informed community in Pune and its surrounding areas.

Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Here’s the table content focusing on “Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Hospital NameLocationSpecialties
Lilavati HospitalPanvelCardiology, Orthopedics
Apex Medical CenterTalegaon DabhadePediatrics, Internal Medicine
Chakan Medical HubChakanDermatology, Gastroenterology
Tranquil Care HospitalMancharObstetrics, Neurology
Star Health CenterPuneGeneral Medicine, Surgery
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Download in Excel Pune all location Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
JS HOSPITAL1st Floor, Bhuruk Prestige, Behind Hotel Deccan Pavilion, Navle Bridge, NarheMaharashtraPUNE411041
ORCHID HOSPITALGat No. 275, 1st Floor, Phase-II Chakan MidcMaharashtraPUNE410501
LOTUS EYE CARE HOSPITAL1st Floor, Lotus Pond Avenue Sr. No. 261/3/1/A, Swaraj Dream City Marnuji Road HinjewadiMaharashtraPUNE411057
EMERALD EYE HOSPITAL AND RETINA CENTRESr No.148/4, Ghorpade Chambers, Above Cottonking, Opposite Vanaz Factory, KothrudMaharashtraPUNE411038
DADA LASER EYE INSTITUTE202 Gulmohar Apt East Street, CampMaharashtraPUNE411001
SAMARTH PEDIATRIC AND DENTAL HOSPITALKedgaon Chaufula Road Tal DaundMaharashtraPUNE412205
SHREE MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALGat No 652 Moi Nighoje Road Moi Taluka Khed DistMaharashtraPUNE410501
MULSHI MILLENNIUM HOSPITAL AND ICUSai Shraddha Complex, Shivaji Chowk, Hinjawadi-Wakad Road, HinjawadiMaharashtraPUNE411057
DR. MASAL HOSPITALSr. No. 7/1/1, Behind Dharmavat Petrol Pump, PisoliMaharashtraPUNE411060
Charu Eye HospitalOffice No D 102 1st Floor, Kamal Raj Pasaydan Complex Above Global Mart, Parande Nagar, DighiMaharashtraPUNE411015
SHIROLE MATERNITY AND GENERAL HOSPITALSr No. 45/1/2 Plot No. 58, Sairang Society, Near Rich Bakers, Smart Kids School Road, Marunji, MulshiMaharashtraPUNE411057
TRUST HEALTHCARE FOUNDATIONS PLATINUM HOSPITALNear Corinthian Club, Opp. Hdfc Bank, Nyati Estate Chowk, Nibm Annex, Mohammad Wadi, HadapsarMaharashtraPUNE411060
SANGVI MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALS. No-71/1/1/189 Krushna Nagar, Krushna Chowk, New SangviMaharashtraPUNE411027
KAMTHE HOSPITALSambhajiraje Chowk S No 73 Adarsh Nagar DighiMaharashtraPUNE411015
LIFELINE MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALSanasnagar, Bhugaon, Tal. MulshiMaharashtraPUNE412115
Dr. Pathak Eye and Cataract CentreKudale Patil Prestige, 1st Floor, Landmark:, Near Pushpak Mangal KaryalayMaharashtraPUNE411051
Ramlavnya pediatrics and general hospitalPune Solapur Road, Near bus stand, Bhigwan Tal Indapur Dist pune 413130MaharashtraPUNE413130
SANJEEVANI MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALAbove Idbi Bank, Shivaji Chowk, Hinjewadi Phase I, Tal – MulshiMaharashtraPUNE411057
BHIGWAN MEDICARE HOSPITALS PVT.LTD.865, A/16, A/P Madanwadi, Bhigwan, Tal- IndapurMaharashtraPUNE413130
Ojas HospitalChakan -Shikrapur Road, Shel PimpalgaonMaharashtraPUNE410501
Thorat Accident and Maternity HospitalNear Bus Stand, Near Aryan Hotel Bhigvan, IndapurMaharashtraPUNE413130
AARYA HOSPITALMoi-Nighoje Road, Nighoje, Tal-KhedMaharashtraPUNE410501
Vedant Childrens HospitalCts No 678/1/1/1/2 Pune Nashik Road BhosariMaharashtraPUNE411039
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Please note that this information is based on the provided data and may be subject to change. It’s always a good idea to verify the details directly with the official website.

Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
NOBLE HOSPITAL153, Magarpatta City Road, HadapsarMaharashtraPUNE411028
SAHYADRI SPECIALTY HOSPITAL WAGHOLIPune Nagar Road, Kharadi, Near Wagheshwar Temple, Wagheshwar Nagar, WagholiMaharashtraPUNE412207
MATOSHRI HOSPITALNear PMC School, NigdiMaharashtraPUNE411044
ANAND EYE HOSPITALSurvey No. 16/1, Off. Pune Satara Road, Behind Hotel Swarnanagri, KatrajMaharashtraPUNE411046
SOFIA HOSPITAL919/1, Fergusson College Road, Shivaji Nagar,MaharashtraPUNE411004
COLUMBIA ASIA HOSPITAL22/2A, Mundhwa-Kharadi Road, KharadiMaharashtraPUNE411014
INAMDAR MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALS No. 15, Fatima Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411040
POONA HOSPITAL27, Sadashiv Peth, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
ORTHOPAEDIC SPECIALITY INSTITUTE (OSI)1160/61, University Road, Shivaji Nagar,MaharashtraPUNE411005
RUBY HALL CLINIC40, Sassoon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
ADITYA BIRLA MEMORIAL HOSPITALAditya Birla Marg, ChinchwadMaharashtraPUNE411033
DEENDAYAL MEMORIAL HOSPITALSr. No. 15/2, A, Pune Solapur Road, FursungiMaharashtraPUNE412308
KOTBAGE HOSPITALDighi Alandi Road, DighiMaharashtraPUNE411015
BHAKTI HOSPITALPune Solapur Road, HadapsarMaharashtraPUNE411028
SANJIVANI CRITICAL CARE & TRAUMA CENTRESr. No. 8, Hissa No. 5, Dapodi, Opp. Bharat Petroleum Pump, Pune – Mumbai HighwayMaharashtraPUNE411012
GUJAR HOSPITAL1170/7, Revenue Colony, ShivajinagarMaharashtraPUNE411005
AIMS HOSPITALNear Datta Mandir, Aundh Road, Vishal Nagar, Pimple Nilakh, Pimpri-ChinchwadMaharashtraPUNE411027
PATIL HOSPITALDehu Alandi Road, Tathawade, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411033
RURAL HOSPITALSaswad Road, Uruli KanchanMaharashtraPUNE412202
ROSHAN HOSPITALA/P: Alandi Devachi, Near Nakshatramangal Karyalay, Tal: KhedMaharashtraPUNE412105
NAVALE HOSPITALMumbai Pune Bypass Road, NarheMaharashtraPUNE411041
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
N. M. WADIA INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGY32, Sassoon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
OM HOSPITALS.No. 27, H. No. 6/4/1, 6/4/2, NDA Road, Shivane, Near Taljai Hill, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411023
JUPITER HOSPITALBaner, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411045
RAKSHAK HOSPITALS. No. 50, Plot No. 18, Maharashtra Housing Board Colony, Bhosari, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411039
RAO NURSING HOMENear Mitramandal Chowk, Swargate, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411002
CEDAR HEALTHOff Pune Bangalore Highway, Warje, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411058
SHREE HOSPITALNagar Road, Opp. Bajaj Auto, Viman Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411014
DR. MUKESH N. BADGIRE HOSPITALNear Warje Flyover, Warje, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411052
CHINTAMANI HOSPITALKothrud, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411038
KALYANI HOSPITALSurvey No. 92/2, Plot No. 28, D.P. Road, Kothrud, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411038
VISHWARAJ HOSPITALSurvey No. 157, Plot No. 10C/3, Swargate, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411042
DURGADEVI HOSPITAL153, Mahatma Gandhi Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
GUPTA NURSING HOME1205/1, Shivajinagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411005
NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OPHTHALMOLOGY1187/30, Off Ghole Road, Near Ferugsson College, Shivajinagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411005
RAJSHRI HOSPITALKeshav Nagar, Mundhwa, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411036
JIJAI WOMEN’S HOSPITALNear Nal Stop, Karve Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
VISHWARAJ CARDIAC & GENERAL HOSPITALOpp. RMD Sinhgad School, Near Kothrud Stand, Kothrud, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411029
PANDIT CLINIC1116, Shivajinagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411005
GADKARI HOSPITALAundh Road, Khadki, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411020
SAHARA HOSPITAL9, Nyati Empire, NIBM Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411048
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
NOBLE HOSPITAL153, Magarpatta City Road, Hadapsar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411028
KOTBAGI HOSPITAL3, Super Speciality Hospital, Gokhale Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411016
PRAKASHAK CRITICAL CARE HOSPITALSr. No. 59, Plot No. 13, Dattanagar Road, Ambegaon Budruk, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411046
RAJSHREE HOSPITAL469/1/A/6, Swami Vivekanand Chowk, Narpatgiri Chowk, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
ORCHID HOSPITAL22/7, Off Mumbai Pune Highway, Near Bhakti Shakti, Nigdi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411044
POOJA NURSING HOMESurvey No. 1, Kothrud, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411029
NEW JEEVANANAND HOSPITALS.No. 268, Near Hotel Meera, Bholenath Nagar, Kharadi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411014
VAISHALI MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALOpposite Big Bazaar, Pimple Saudagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411027
OMKAR KHANDELWAL HOSPITAL176, 177, 178, B, Fatima Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411013
SIDDHANT MATERNITY HOME155, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Camp, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
SWAMI VIVEKANAND HOSPITALPlot No. 2, S. No. 79/7, Near Mangalmurti Complex, Kondhwa, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411048
RUBY HALL CLINIC40, Sasoon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
MAHARASHTRA MEDICAL FOUNDATION986 Senapati Bapat Road, Shivajinagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411016
SHRI SAI HOSPITAL108, Mukund Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411037
INLAKS AND BUDHRANI HOSPITAL7-9, Koregaon Park, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
KALYANI HOSPITAL77/7, Near Dandekar Bridge, Parvati, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
AKSHAY HOSPITALBhairavi Shivdarshan, Pune Satara Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411037
MAHARASHTRA JEEVAN PRADHIKARANS.No. 651/652, Rasta Peth, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411011
TALERA HOSPITAL32, Sassoon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
NANDANVAN CLINIC AND NURSING HOME1st Floor, Chintamani Pride, Narhe-Ambegaon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411041
VEDANT MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL9, S. No. 52, Vadgaon Budruk, Off Sinhagad Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411041
KAILAS HOSPITALS. No. 17/1/1, Near Kakade Park, Old Mumbai Pune Bypass, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411027
SATYAM NURSING HOMESector No. 27, Nigdi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411044
RUTUJA CLINIC AND HOSPITAL191, Shivaji Housing Society, Senapati Bapat Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411016
GURUKRUPA CRITICAL CARE CENTRESai Enclave, Chinchwad, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411033
UJJWAL HOSPITALSector 23, Nigdi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411044
KEDAR NATH HOSPITALManik Chowk, Kondhwa, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411048
DR. DEODHAR’S MATERNITY HOSPITAL127, Somwar Peth, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411011
SAHYADRI HOSPITALPlot No. 30-C, Erandawane, Karve Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
ANURADHA HOSPITALAnuradha Towers, Sinhagad Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411051
PANDIT CLINIC AND NURSING HOME57, Sahakar Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411009
JEEVAN JYOTI NURSING HOMESurvey No. 68/2A, Near Sai Park, Dighi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411015
KHEDKAR HOSPITAL32/8, Ganesh Park, Near Gandharva Hall, Karve Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411052
PRAYAG HOSPITAL97/98, Canal Road, Near Shivaji Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411005
SAI JYOTI HOSPITAL72/2B/2B/2C, Kondhwa Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411048
RADHAKRISHNA HOSPITALSr. No. 32/2, Ambegaon Budruk, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411046
VISION MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALPlot No. 1, Sector 22, Yamunanagar, Nigdi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411044
SWASTIKA POLYCLINIC AND NURSING HOME208, Rambaug Colony, Near Chinchwadgaon, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411033
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
VYANKATESH MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALSr. No. 231, 232, 233, & 241, Near Dandekar Bridge, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
DNYANRAJ EYE CARE HOSPITALG – 09, Gold Finger, Kalyani Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411014
NIRMAYA HOSPITAL1st Floor, 1198B, Fergusson College Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
AISHWARYA HOSPITAL74/75, Gokhale Nagar, Off Senapati Bapat Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411016
OMKAR KHUSHI HOSPITALG1, Breeze, Off Senapati Bapat Road, Near Ratna Memorial Hospital, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411016
YASHRAJ HOSPITAL35/B, Guru Ganesh Nagar, Bibwewadi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411037
RAKSHAK HOSPITALBhosari Alandi Road, Bhosari, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411039
LIFELINE HOSPITAL489/1, Ganesh Peth, Behind Apsara Theatre, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411002
ORTHO VISION HOSPITAL431, Shaniwar Peth, Laxmi Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
BHOSALE HOSPITAL23, Prabhat Road, Lane No. 10, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
NEW SAHYADRI HOSPITALNear Kothrud Stand, Kothrud, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411038
SIDDHIVINAYAK CRITICAL CARE & CARDIAC CENTREBehind Cummins, Fatima Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411013
SUYASH HOSPITALS. No. 16, Dhanlaxmi Chambers, Nigdi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411044
BHALERAO NURSING HOMEChapekar Chowk, Chinchwad, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411033
SPANDAN HOSPITAL37/4A, Jai Ganesh Samrajya, Pune-Nashik Highway, Bhosari, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411039
KOTBAGI HOSPITAL151/21, Sahakar Nagar, Parvati, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411009
VIGHANAHARTA HOSPITAL128/1, Pune-Satara Road, Near Padmavati Bridge, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411043
NULIFE HOSPITAL59/60, New Timber Market, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411042
NEHACLINIC HOSPITALNalin Chambers, Karve Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
RATNA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL968, Senapati Bapat Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
POONA HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE27, Sadashiv Peth, Near Alka Talkies, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
SANJIVANI NURSING HOME153/1, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411028
JEEVAN JYOTI MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALPune Nagar Road, Wagholi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE412207
PRAYAG HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE32/2, East Street, Camp, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
PRAKASH NURSING HOME1112, 11th Floor, Satara Road, Balaji Bhavan, Mukund Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411037
MEDIPULSE HOSPITALS.No. 241/1, New D.P. Road, Near Celestial City, Hadapsar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411028
ACE HOSPITALS.No. 33, Plot No. 1, Rajyog Colony, Off Sinhagad Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411041
DR. AMOL RUKADIKAR’S SAMARTH HOSPITALS.No. 20, Hingane Home Colony, Near Hingane School, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411052
THE CITIZENS HOSPITAL106/2A, Gokhale Nagar, Off Fergusson College Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411016
PANACEA HOSPITAL81/82, Near Warje Jakat Naka, Warje, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411058
RUBY HALL CLINIC40, Sassoon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
BEYOND CARE HOSPITALS.No. 50, Parvati Darshan, Sahakar Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411009
SHREE HOSPITAL280, 2nd Floor, Siddharth Towers, Sangam Press Road, Kothrud, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411029
SANGAMNERKAR HOSPITAL128/2, Opp. Bhairavnath, Pune-Nashik Road, Bhosari, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411039
VAISHALI MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALS.No. 49/17, Pimple Saudagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411027
ASHWINI HOSPITAL1141/42, Shivaji Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411005
JIJAU CRITICAL CARE & CARDIAC CENTRE97, Millenium Plaza, Fatima Nagar, Wanowrie, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411013
AKANKSHA HOSPITAL60, 1st Floor, Pulachi Wadi, Dandekar Bridge, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
BEHERAY HOSPITAL1195/1, Fergusson College Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

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Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
ADITYA BIRLA MEMORIAL HOSPITALAditya Birla Hospital Marg, Chinchwad, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411033
N.M. WADIA INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGY32, Sassoon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
DEENDAYAL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL926, Fergusson College Road, Shivajinagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
PATANKAR HOSPITAL34, Patrika Nagar, Kharadi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411014
YASHASHREE HOSPITALNear Akurdi Railway Station, Sant Tukaram Nagar, Akurdi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411044
GUJAR HOSPITAL1205, Opposite Pune Railway Station, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411002
INAMDAR MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL15, Surve No. 19, Mukund Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411037
SWAROOP NURSING HOME2032, Sadashiv Peth, Off Tilak Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
LODHA HOSPITALS.No. 73/1A, Mundhwa, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411036
RUBY AIL CARES.No. 154, 3rd Floor, Jewel Square Mall, Koregaon Park, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
DANDA HOSPITAL187, Nana Peth, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411002
DHAIRYA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALS.No. 29, Shankar Nagar, Katraj, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411046
ARYA NURSING HOMENear Akurdi Railway Station, Akurdi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411044
DUBEY HOSPITAL15/1, Tadiwala Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
SURYA MOTHER & CHILD CARE HOSPITALS.No. 573, Aai Mata Chowk, Bibvewadi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411037
LUNKAD HOSPITAL & ICUSurvey No. 47, 5th Floor, C-Wing, Dorabjee Enclave, Pune-Satara Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411009
DR. AGASHE’S MATERNITY & SURGICAL HOSPITALS.No. 166, Karve Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
KHURANA HOSPITALB-1, 1st Floor, Green Valley Society, Kothrud, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411029
SHRI HOSPITALS.No. 241, D.P. Road, Aundh, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411007
AAROGYA HOSPITALS.No. 1/7A/1, Wanawadi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411040
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune
Hospital NameAddressStateCityPin
DR. BORA HOSPITALS.No. 28, Erandwane, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
H V DESAI EYE HOSPITAL93, Tarawade Vasti, Mohammadwadi, Hadapsar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411028
JEHANGIR HOSPITAL32, Sassoon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
JOSHI HOSPITAL129/2, Opposite Joshi Wadewale, Laxmi Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
CHAITANYA HOSPITAL163/2, Parvati, Off Sinhgad Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411009
KOTBAGI HOSPITAL30-C, Erandwane, Karve Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
POONA HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTER27, Sadashiv Peth, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411030
LOKMANYA HOSPITAL314/B, Chinchwad, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411033
MORAYA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALMarket Yard Road, Opposite Janseva Bank, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411037
NEON LABORATORY748/2, Shukrawar Peth, Tilak Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411002
NUCLEUS DIAGNOSTICSOffice No. 302, 3rd Floor, A Wing, Shoppers Orbit, Alandi Road, Vishrantwadi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411015
RUBY HALL CLINIC40, Sassoon Road, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411001
RURAL HOSPITAL HADAPSARSolu, Hadapsar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411028
SADGURU HOSPITAL84/2, Aundh Road, Khadki, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411003
SANCHETI HOSPITAL16, Shivaji Nagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411005
SANJIVANI NURSING HOME1162, Shivajinagar, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411004
SETH RAMDAS SHAH MEMORIAL HOSPITALS.No. 628, A/P Wadgaon Budruk, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411041
SHARADA CLINIC & HOSPITALSurvey No. 26/1A/3, Balewadi, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411045
SHATAYU HOSPITALSr. No. 83/1, Off Paud Road, Kothrud, PuneMaharashtraPUNE411038
Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

This brief chart gives an overview of the hospitals in Pune that are associated with Star Health Insurance, including information about their locations and areas of expertise. Refer to the whole Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune for further information in-depth.

Summary: Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

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Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune comprises a network of healthcare institutions strategically aligned to offer comprehensive medical services. Notable establishments such as Lilavati Hospital in Panvel and Apex Medical Center in Talegaon Dabhade provide specialized care in various fields like cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and internal medicine. This network caters to the diverse healthcare needs of Pune and its surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune

Q: How can I access the Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune?

A: The comprehensive list is easily accessible online or through the official Star Health Insurance website.

Q: Are there hospitals in Chakan covered by Star Health Insurance?

A: Yes, Chakan Medical Hub is among the affiliated hospitals, offering dermatology and gastroenterology services.

Q: What specialties does Lilavati Hospital in Panvel focus on?

A: Lilavati Hospital specializes in cardiology and orthopedics.

Q: Which hospital in Talegaon Dabhade is part of the network?

A: Apex Medical Center is an affiliated hospital, providing services in pediatrics and internal medicine.

Q: Is there a Star Health Center in Pune offering general medicine and surgery?

A: Yes, Star Health Center in Pune caters to general medicine and surgery needs.

Q: Does Star Health Insurance cover obstetrics and neurology services in Manchar?

A: Yes, Tranquil Care Hospital in Manchar provides obstetrics and neurology services.

Q: Can I find a dermatologist in the Chakan Medical Hub?

A: Yes, Chakan Medical Hub offers dermatology services among its specialties.

Q: What is the primary focus of Apex Medical Center in Talegaon Dabhade?

A: Apex Medical Center specializes in pediatrics and internal medicine.

Q: Are there Star Health Insurance hospitals in Panvel?

A: Yes, Lilavati Hospital is located in Panvel.

Q: How can I obtain the complete Star Health Insurance Hospital List in Pune?

A: You can download the detailed list in PDF format from the official Star Health Insurance website or contact customer support for assistance

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