20 Tarikose Jaldihi Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

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Friends, today we will learn that Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye in Hindi You can choose a regional Language that is very simple from 20TH Way let us know step by step for fast earning.

We all know that if we compare the 25th century and the 10th century, there is a world of difference. Today’s era means the 25th century has become so easy, where we will learn how to earn money from mobile in these Hindi simple steps. Which are the apps and services and how can we earn money from mobile by doing them?

We will learn the steps one by one so that we can fulfil whatever urgent need of retirement money is there. The pearl of writing this blog has been given to all of you easily. To tell you how to earn money from a mobile app so that you can earn money from mobile and that too in simple steps. In this round, we will learn 25 such methods and that to step by step how to earn money.

Benefits of earning money from mobile

So we know what the benefits of earning money from mobile, in today’s race, we all have smartphones and we all use them, so the advantage of earning from the mobile app is that you do not have to make any investment in it and it is simple. You can earn money by downloading the app and services online or by doing desktop mods in mobile itself and there is no need for any investment to assist you in this,

you can do it from digital mobile by doing an affiliate of YouTube. You can do it by creating a channel, you can do it by giving reference to Infusion or Fiber Up, you can do it on multiple websites, you can do it by making videos and there are many such topics that we are going to do in this and there are about 25 which we are going to tell you. We will make it step by step and earn from mobile apps only and without making any investment, so let us move to the next stage, we will know which is the first app from which you can easily earn money from mobile apps.


  1. First, you don’t have to invest much in this.
  2. You can earn money by working through a mobile app
  3. So don’t go to any office and work and don’t run after anyone.
  4. There is no need for any office in it, you can work in it only by going to the office, there is nothing like that.
  5. Will work as per your convenience in this

Bank Sathi-Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Bank Sathi is a financial app where there are multiple financial products like personal loans, credit cards, debit cards, demat accounts, and trading, by joining all these you can earn money through this medium, through which you can also earn extra income by referral, then Bank Sathi. Let us know how we will do the registration.

Bank Sathi-Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye
Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye
  1. Download Bank Sathi Up from the Google Play Store
  2. Open the app and select the longest option you want.
  3. Verification Key: Enter the OTP and get verified.
  4. Set up security, generate the PIN code for further people
  5. Complete registration process
  6. And explore the up and view the financial service and and much more you can refer and earn from there

How to earn money from OneCode

In this, we will know what is One Code. One Code is a financial app that provides multiple services like credit cards, debit cards, demat accounts, trading and loan also and where you can share the referral code with multiple users. You can earn a good amount from this also and that too in simple steps, we know what are its steps.

How to earn money from OneCode
Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye
  • The first step is will install the One Code App from the Play Store
  • The second step is that after installing it we will verify it through OTP.
  • Third, we will complete the profile on the app
  • And fourthly, we will explore the service given in this app so that by sending this service to our friend circle through WhatsApp and social media, we can earn a lot and it has many features which you can share easily. And there is fast earning

Affiliate Marketing- Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Today we will talk on this topic what is an affiliate? If we understand the meaning of affiliate in simple language, then when you promote any product of any company, the company gives you some referral bonus in return, we call it affiliate marketing, nowadays.

There are many companies, mostly companies, that do all the affiliate programming, whereby joining whatever affiliate program is relevant to you, you can easily share it with your friend circle and through social media on WhatsApp and get a good review there. You can generate it from that too in simple steps, so let us know how we will join the affiliate.

Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye
  1. The first step is to capture the niche in which you want to work.
  2. After that, you will join the affiliate
  3. After joining, you will complete the product profile and there are payment links, you will have to register there also so that you can get the money.
  4. The second option is to share and refer to where your affiliate link is there, you have to copy the link.
  5. And through any digital social media platform, be it WhatsApp, you can share this link in your friend circle, whereby sharing it with the link, you will get a commission and that area commission will be visible in your income in the affiliate account only.

Facebook-Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

We know that nowadays there is a digital guy, so we know how we earn money from Facebook, so there are two feet area in Facebook, the first one is your profile, which is your Facebook account and the second one is your page, Facebook. Account where you do business, professionals create their pages so that they can post on relevant topics and how do we earn money from Facebook?

So you can simply log in with Facebook through your Gmail account and complete all your profiles through your profile. Optimize your page whatever your requirement feed all the details and ensure that whenever you have a Facebook account,

all your details are correct like name and address so that if any issues do not arise then I am the second option. Let’s move on to how to earn money from Facebook, so you can monetize money from Facebook. There are criteria on Facebook where you can upload content as per your wish and fulfil whatever criteria you have for your business.

If you are there, then you get it on that basis and secondly, you can also earn money through Rail from where you can work on it multiple times by uploading videos, that is, whatever knowledge you can give should also be organic and real when it is uploaded through videos. If you like and subscribe, then your channel will be monetized and after that, you will get the benefit of monetization.

YouTube- Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

YouTube is a video format where you can earn money from YouTube, there are many simple steps, here also you have to create your profile professionally and all the records, whatever are available, whatever the retirement, complete the profile step by step. You have to create and there are many options on YouTube with which you can optimize your page so that whenever you upload any organic content,

It ranks your content on YouTube, you have a video format where you can upload your informative video which is called Customer’s Retirement Solution Becomes Money. Whenever you upload a video informative video,

whatever the criteria of YouTube, after completion of monetization, whenever you make a video, you get money based on likes and it is very trending. You all can see on your phone that someone works on multimedia, someone works on movies, someone does affiliate work, someone does digital marketing and uploads videos, someone is related to teaching, and someone updates comedy stuff.

So, these are all the platforms where the customers like it, through which you can earn money by monetizing your profile course, that too, so you just have to upload the correct information so that you do not face any further restrictions. Make sure that whenever you Update the video, it should be your own,

there should not be any copyrights and write in your voice so that there is no restrictions and penalties on your website or YouTube channel this is a good way where people can teach you and give you information. If yes, then this is a good platform from where a lot of people earn income these days.

Online T-shirt Selling-Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

If someone has his own shirt sewing business, then he can sell his business through online medium, you can start it through digital medium, you can do marketing through social media, can go ahead with your business by doing email marketing triangle. You can earn money by doing this and what happens in this online shirt sealing scheme is that you will create a website, after creating it on your website, you can earn money by advertising whatever product you have and can also promote it.

By Selling the Website- Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

We all know the importance of a website in the digital age. The website performs every validity of your business, where you represent your website, where you write the website about your business on your profile, so that The value of your business increases when people know about it and in return people come to your website and your business is generated and the second way is by getting their website ranked and through digital platforms when they get traffic to their website.

If people sell that website then you can go ahead with your business by creating your website and secondly, if you do not have your own business then you can create a website and send it to your website by getting good traffic and from there also you can do well. You get a lot of money for your website

Promoting Own Business-Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

If you are a businessman and have your own business, then you can increase multiple businesses by taking over your business both digitally and physically. By promoting your business through digital media, you can remix your reviews and how to play tennis.

You will create many websites and run your ad campaigns so that now people will know about your product and will visit your website and from there your sales will increase the second way is by promoting your email marketing through WhatsApp. You can create awareness of your business through digital media. You can make your business profitable by promoting your business.

Content Writing-Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

We know what is content writing in this topic. If you know anything then you can see it through your content medium and that too with organic and real information so that traffic comes to your website You get the approval of Google AdSense from it and you get money from that ad. So let us know in summary what is required for contact writing. For content writing, you need a website.

Content Writing-Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye
Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Women hosting is required where According to your miss, you have to publish the content daily and monetize it through Google Adsense. When it is monetized, you run it on Google Adsense on your website and whenever someone clicks on it, you review it. After you click on the website, a review is generated from which you earn money and Google transfers the money to your account and for more details, you can check the details by visiting the PH of Google Ads.

Earn Money by Creating Instagram Reels

We all know that Instagram is a digital platform where Facebook and Instagram are semi-owned, where nowadays people earn a lot of money on Instagram by posting rules videos and promoting their business and that too through monetization, so it is very simple whenever If you want to earn money from Instagram,

then go to Instagram and complete all your profiles, agree to the terms and conditions and there is a format for making rails where you can share whatever knowledge you have through pictures and videos. You can upload it there and after uploading your video can go viral. If it is informative then it happens. Through that, your Instagram gets monetized and after that you earn money.

Earn money by making YouTube videos

In today’s digital era, there are many digital platforms and digital agencies where that take money by making videos and give it by creating social media channels, which gives them income, so today we will talk about a simple topic how to earn money by making YouTube videos. So to make YouTube videos, you will make videos related to your video content,

Whatever English you work on, that too if the customer is prospective or the customer is about to retire, if you make such videos which are real and your If you have your videos then definitely whatever comes from your channel gets monetized and from there you get money for monetization and another way is by making videos for others and you can also share your videos from where they give you a good amount of money.

Trade From Mobile App- Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Let us know what mobile trading is, first of all, mobile trading means by trading through a mobile app, you invest money in your share market, hence without much investment, you can analyze it in simple steps, whatever is available nowadays on digital platforms where multiplex Companies which provide up where there is analytical stall and you should have some general knowledge, only then if you go into this film then it will be beneficial for you. Mostly the people who know in this film do mobile trading.

Trade From Mobile App- Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye
Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Nowadays, the people who were there earlier are using their websites. They used to go and call and tell the customer, but in today’s digital age, there are so many websites where analytics and updates are available daily.

If people are interested in getting mobile training from you, then they must have a trading account. And it is important to have money in your account and the third thing is to have some knowledge about your mobile trading share market. Now by investing little by little you can earn money in it.

Earn Rs 1700 Daily By Freelancing

In this topic we know what is freelancing, what are the benefits of freelancing and who are the people who do freelancing and what will be the benefit us from it, so in simple words, we know that freelancing is done by those who work from home and work from anywhere. Whatever they do for anyone, they take money from you in return for it and if you have a business, then do any video editing for your business,

How to create a website, do any digital editing, learn any course and all, whether you want to optimize social media or you need to do business for yourself. For promotion, all the freelancing teams do it, they charge you for it and what is freelancing, then you can go to fibre and then go to launching.com, there are multiple sites where freelancers are available. If you have any work, then you can deal with them and take all the information and give it to your project and you can get whatever requirement is completed by them according to your time.

Earn ₹900 Daily By Referring

What is the meaning of referral? We know that referrals are a program that every company does these days, whether it is on your special, whether on the message of the website or the special of the product, every company runs a referral program to promote its product. But after the referral program, if he makes any purchase from your link, then according to the terms of your referral program,

You get the referral benefit, that too on your account and after that you can transfer that money to your account. So whenever you join the referral program, please read the terms and conditions.

Earn Money By Teaching Online

If we look at today’s digital door, people are earning lakhs of rupees by doing online teaching or digital products, digital courses, and online teaching courses. Before coming in this film, you must have skills. Now in the film in which you have to scale it, you can do online teaching on relevant topics. You can give on YouTube, by sharing your skill on YouTube,

Earn Money By Teaching Online
Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

you can earn money from there through video or you can sell your skill in a video format or a teaching format, through that you can also earn money. You can earn nowadays mostly, earlier when people used to go to teachers to study,

For some time we did not have the facility of internet, people did not know, nowadays in the 21st century, everyone is mobile, where nowadays all the videos are available on mobile only. People watch the courses, that is why you need to upgrade from time to time and through your teaching skills, you can earn money by teaching.

Earn ₹1000 Daily From Google Pay

Google Pay There is a trust form where you can create an account without any hassle and from there you can start a good referral program.

Facebook Ads Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

In this topic, we know that those people who are business owners, students or need anything, who have the product that the customer is searching for, then through this Facebook ad, that business owner can promote his business and generate leads. In our review, we give a little more information about Facebook Ads, what is Facebook Ad, does Facebook Ad mean advertisement and that too through Facebook.

Facebook Ads Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye
Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

We all know that nowadays in the digital age, mostly If above 87% of people are available on Facebook, then there is an opportunity here to promote your business so that people know about your business. At the time, Singh’s Facebook where the person who If there is a need, according to the retirement product,

You can go to your business on a target-based basis through Facebook ad. For that, you need a Facebook agency or whoever runs the ad, they take money from you and your business goes to you. There is also a benefit and if the digital agency is providing the service then you also have to pay for the service.

Google Ads- Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

In this topic, we know what Google Ads is. We know that nowadays no service can be made available without Google. Google has its website where all its websites and services are available on every domain. Google Ads is an app from Google Ads. We understand that it is from Google. Ads means Advertisement. Whenever you advertise on Google Ads, Google charges you for it and it charges where you advertise your business on a target team base. You can make your business go by promoting Google Ads.

Through this, if you know digital marketing and know how to set up Google Ads, then you can promote your business yourself. If you do not know, then whatever digital agency is there which is Google Ads. If we go on, then to convert your business into revenue, you can take benefit from them either by contacting them digitally or through digital social media, by getting your business co-product reviewed and whatever deals are made according to the agreement.

From AI Tool- Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Let us know in this topic what are these tools, as we know that Chat GPT is our tool, most people use it secretly to solve their problems, if any problem comes then search on Google. Whatever is the requirement, it gives all your information and there are many such tools, Ai-Tools, which provide many solutions in the race of our common life and minimize our workload, so let us know what ai-Tools are,

There is a collection of them where you have any requirement, whatever you want to search something, if you assume that you want to know about any digital marketing, then directly type how to and where you want.

Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

All your results from digital marketing will tell you what digital marketing is, how Digital Martin’s groups do it what each one is, and how many people are there on our digital platform, it is completely static and these are tools that make our work easier.

For example, charge, understand, understand and your duplicates are duplicate checks which are there for content writing, there is video eye which is there for making videos and there is a keyword research tool which is there for soco, there is a simple keyboard, all this is our We use tools to make the workload work, and today in this digital age, these tools are playing a very important role which helps people in reducing the workload easily.

Create an Audiobook

In this topic, we will learn that we can earn money by making audiobooks. Let us know what is an audiobook. Nowadays people used to do it in earlier times. People used to read through physical books and had to carry the books. But today in this digital age, you can create your books in audio format and list them on websites like Amazon and earn a good amount of money from there. All this has to be recorded in your audio format. After this, you can earn money by listing your digital products on websites like Amazon.

From Sponsorship or Brand Promotion

You can hit this topic what is sponsorship or brand promotion? Nowadays, every company, whether its sponsorship or brand promotion, gets it done in both digital and physical ways so that the company’s business can be promoted so that it can earn money through ads as we see these days. TV channels, digital platforms, ads, and social media,

Every company nowadays runs co-ed campaigns with its products, similarly, people do sponsorship and brand promotions nowadays, and people increase their business 10x through digital like YouTube channels, Instagram, Google Ads, and Facebook ads. After taking sponsorship, whatever There are YouTube channels, they promote them through sponsorship and by promoting them, YouTube channels earn money from sponsorship.


Let us discuss what is the conclusion of this block post. So in summary let us tell you that everyone can earn money from mobile apps and that too without much investment. Only you should have a phone, internet and a camera of some quality on the phone. And even if the camera is not there, it should be of quality and there is multiplex up and service through which you can earn through referral programs, affiliates, blogging, video editing and Google Pay, through social media like digital marketing.

There are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But if you want, you can earn money from this platform and that too very easily, I have covered all the topics given above, please see and the only intention is that nowadays there is a shortage of learners and money. There is no shortage, you just have to keep this in mind, if you want to earn money from mobile then select any niche with utmost concentration and continue in this field, you will get success whether it is through referral or you are doing video editing.

Whether you do it through an affiliate, you are focused on one thing and you will get success and that is why I hope that you will be satisfied with this information. If you liked any of the blog posts then you have liked it. Whoever is in your friend circle, please share this. Thank you.

FAQ- Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Learn How to Earn Your First ₹900 Online Using Your Mobile.

Earn ₹900 daily by doing content writing jobs.
Make ₹900 for free using a mobile app.
Earn money by creating a real Instagram reel.
Earn ₹900 daily through freelancing.
Refer and earn ₹900 daily.
Make money teaching online with a 0.7 payout.
Earn ₹900 daily with the Gromo App.
Earn ₹900 daily with Google Pay.

What is that application that makes you earn money for free?

Mobile applications for making money (peer-to-peer earning app Bana) Money Offer.
MPL Pro Lucky App If you sign up, not only will you get a ₹75 bonus, but you can win up to ₹30 Cr every day!
CashKaro App: Get 70% off (1st account User offer)
Google Pay – referral bonus of ₹121 – ₹225 per reference.
Sikka Pro App 15Rs to 50 Rs Cashback

How to earn money for free using your mobile?

Make a blog and then earn money by mobile. This method is fine. To register a blog from your mobile you have to assign a domain and hosting. The first thing to do after the creation of the blog is to write and publish the article. As visitors arrive to read your content through Google, you’ll earn revenue by learning how to place ads from Google Adsense.

Which app pays for watching videos?

You have to watch videos to earn money, there are many Apps – mGamer, Pocket Money, Paidwork, AdsTube.
You have to use Apps along with watching videos to earn money, mGamer, Pocket Money, Paidwork, AdsTube etc.

How to work online from a mobile?

There are websites available like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr that offer online freelance jobs.” There are different types of work that you can do such as writing, web designing and video editing. For example, you can create a blog or video channel on YouTube, and make money from advertisements. You can also start to teach online, for example, tutoring and creating courses.


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